Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia planning for their wedding after split from Shakira.

Press rumours suggest that Clara Chia and Pique may be engaged and have wedding arrangements already.

In their few public appearances, they have appeared to be extremely happy, but there is a particular feature that raises the prospect of a very intimate wedding.

Rumors of a potential pregnancy started after Hola magazine released some images of the couple at the wedding of one of Pique's best friends in Costa Brava, Spain.

Numerous shows mentioned the young woman's attire and speculated that she might be carrying Pique's child because they saw "a little belly on her."

On the other side, they stated: "Clarita appears to have a small belly when she walks. Is a baby perhaps on the way? ".

Clara Chá Mart can be seen wearing a ring on her left ring finger in one of the images taken during the same occasion and published by the magazine that caught the attention of Javier Ceriani from the "Chisme No Like" magazine. Could that be a ring for a wedding?

So Piqué and Clara's romance, which they are no longer hiding, continues amid speculations of a possible pregnancy and now even wedding arrangements.

Given that they had made a deal for the benefit of their children, the Colombian woman might be extremely outraged by this.

Gerard Piqué and Shakira had agreed to take extra care of their kids and refrain from public appearances with their new partners for at least a year, should they have any. However, their separation has been going on for approximately three months, and Piqué is no longer hiding with Clara.