Jennifer Lopez's wedding video leaked without her permission

Jennifer Lopez expressed her unhappiness about a leaked video from her wedding to Ben Affleck this past weekend on Instagram.

New video of the pop star serenading her husband at their August 20 wedding reception started making the rounds online on Thursday.

Affleck is seen in the TMZ video seated in the centre of the dance floor as Lopez and her backup dancers give him a song and dance performance.

After fan page @jlow0rld posted the video on Instagram, Lopez commented that it had been "taken without our authorization and sold for money."

She also mentioned that non-disclosure agreements were signed by her guests before to the dinner.

"This was removed without our consent. Period. Moreover, whomever did it profited from our private time. I'm not sure where you're getting it from because we had ndas and asked everyone to keep information about our wedding to ourselves. We've decided to share this, "wrote the actress.

When she is ready, Lopez will reveal additional information about the couple's special day via her newsletter, OnTheJLo, which she said she uses to release exclusive content.

Deleted off their profile "out of respect for Bennifer and their private times," the fan page stated in the caption of a screenshot of Lopez's message that was posted on Saturday. The screenshot post was later liked by Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Ben Affleck's wedding video leaked without their permission