Taylor Lautner Would be Returning to the role of Jacob from "Twilight"

If the chance ever occurred, Taylor Lautner, 30, would be willing to take on the role of Jacob Black, a.k.a. the werewolf, in a further Twilight film.

In a recent interview, the actor expressed his love for the role he was allowed to play in the series and even referred to the character as a "decent" guy.

He stated to E! News on August 25 that "he's a good character and easy to adore, so I would never say no to that."

Because it's Jacob Black, he remarked. He's a sweet man.

Taylor was one of two men who Kristen Stewart's character Bella in the well-known movies was divided between, along with Robert Pattinson's Edward, who was also a vampire.

However, by the end of the final movie, which came out ten years ago, Jacob had formed an attachment to Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee, and Taylor would assume that Jacob would still be with Renesmee if a new Twilight movie were to be produced today.

Then he said, "Happily ever after with Renesmee since that's where I left off."

And yes, he is a remarkably devoted man. He added that he can envision Jacob being "happy someplace" right now.

In addition to the interesting love triangle in the Twilight movies, Taylor's toned physique as Jacob attracted a lot of attention.